Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Another Sign You Are Getting Old, Part XLVII

In the opening scene of North Dallas Forty, a professional football player played by Nick Nolte painfully gets out of bed. As he slowly rises he finds he can barely move since pains and cramps have taken over his body. As he feels each part of his body in pain, he flashes back to the play the night before where he was hit, knocked over or tackled.

Whoever wrote that scene must of played football because it's really like that after the night of a game. Your body is just one big ache and you can barely move or get out of bed. The sad part is that I am experiencing this sort of pain all over again - and I haven't played football in 20 years.

No, the things that are giving me cricks and pains are things that my body used to laugh off as hardly exercise: biking, long distance runs, yoga (which is basically stretching), and Tae Kwon Do, which is not much more than macho aerobics. And unlike Nolte, I usually can't figure out what I did that is causing a certain pain - all I know is that I wake up with a stiff neck, a sore joint or a leg cramp. I'm not sure what might have caused it. But I do know that aging has something to do with it.

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