Friday, January 20, 2006

Mmmmmm....Whale Meat

A posting on eating whale at OTB reminded me of a previous post I did on this - Edible Political Correctness - about the time I ate whale meat in Japan. I wouldn't seek out whale meat on my own, but as an "honored guest" at a Japanese business dinner, I would have insulted my host by turning down the very expensive delicacy.

As proof of this outing, here is a picture from four years, forty pounds and a few goatees ago. That's real whale meat in the foreground - maybe harpooned right in front of a Green Peace dingy if I was lucky. The picture must have been taken after drinking most of the sake in the big-@ss jug on the other side of the table.

As stated previously, this is not something I would seek out, and quite frankly I didn't find the taste that different from beef. And the blubber was almost inedible. So I don't know why anyone would choose to eat it - except to piss off Westerners. So part of me thinks that taking me and my group to this restaurant was maybe a test to see how we would react. So I went with the flow and enjoyed myself. The whale was already dead.

I have also had horse in Japan, which is indistinguishable from beef if you ask me, and which I have zero problems eating. They are bred after all, which is not something you can say for whales - and the only problem I have with eating them. If the Japanese could figure out a way to breed them, then the number of people who object to eating whale would fall to just the extremes who think whales are more intelligent than humans, which is true in the case of people who believe this.

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