Monday, February 06, 2006

Dell's Poison Apple

Jim sends in the following link: Dell Drops Hard Drive MP3 Line (link updated to a registration-free site)

Dell Inc. stopped selling its most expensive digital music players after failing to take market share from Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod.

Jim correctly remembered that a review of the Dell DJ20 was posted here by guest blogger Rorschach.

I can't say that I am that surprised. The original link notes that Apple has about two-thirds of the market and Dell hasn't gained any traction. Sort of like Gateway in big screen TVs, this move never quite made sense.

Where Dell has expanded successfully has been in printers and other peripherals that people throw in with their computer purchase ("You want fries with that?"). MP3 players are bought outside of the computer purchasing process, and have become more a fashion or lifestyle accessory rather than a computer peripheral. While Dell says they are keeping their flash based MP3 player for now, I don't see it having much of a future.

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