Friday, April 21, 2006

Aston Martin or Tibet?

Based on a True Story

Two young executives, Andy and Bob, are brought on as VPs at a start-up. They toil for years going through ups and downs, at one point honestly believing the company would shut down for good. But through hard work, determination, and just a little bit of luck, everything pulls together and the company starts growing. It finally starts making money. It actually goes public. The two guys who at one point thought they lost everything found that they were suddenly sitting on stock options worth millions.

After the IPO, the VPs were having a beer together, and the topic came up what to do with their stock. They both felt the company was still growing, so they didn't want to cash in. But they put in years of hard work and effort, and wanted to do something with their hard earned money. So the two agreed they would each cash out $250K and spend it on a "non-necessity", i.e. it could only be spent on something they wouldn't do unless they had money to burn.

Andy decided to take a leave of absence and go to Tibet. He liked the outdoors, was an avid camper, and the thought of seeing the Himalayas and mystery of Tibet had always fascinated him. With the money he could put his affairs in order for a few months, not worry about an income for a while, and arrange his travel and equipment. But he certainly wouldn't need very much money once he got there.

Bob got an Aston Martin Vantage.

So if you had to pick one - and these are your only choices - which would you choose?

For me this is a no brainer: ASTON MARTIN. I have an eternity to wonder about the mysteries of Tibet. I have only about fifty more years to enjoy an Aston Martin. Besides, I've been inside the Vantage in question and it is sweet.

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