Monday, May 22, 2006

Blogging from 35,000 Feet

So here I am on Luftwaffe Lufthansa Airlines using their WIFI. I have to say there are a lot of good and bad things about this airline:

The good:
  • WIFI - This should be mandatory on all flights over four hours. Yeah, they charge through the nose, but it is well worth it.
  • Bier - Unlike AMERICAN carriers that stopped serving free alcohol in coach for overseas flights, Lufthansa still pours. I asked what kind of bier they had, and the stewardess frowned and said they "only" had Warsteiner Premium, probably assuming I wanted a Bud. This is a fine bier, full bodied and flavored. I had them bring me a couple.
  • The Staff - My stewardess is Martina Hingess. Okay, probably not, but it looks just like her.

The Bad:

  • Coach Seating - This coach seat has got to be the smallest, most cramped seat I have ever been in. That is saying a lot considering the Asian flag airliners I have flown, which scale their seats for smaller nationalities. Right now to type this blog entry I have the notebook screen pulled straight and angled down on my lap since the seat in front of me is in my lap.
  • Check-In Line - Again, the worst line I have ever been in. My visions of German efficiency went out the window as I waited over 90 minutes in a line that went 150 yards out the door of the LAX terminal. I didn't freak out since it just meant I waited there instead of a bar, but still, pretty annoying.
Does the WIFI make up for the cramped seat? No, it doesn't. So I don't plan to fly this airline again unless I get business class or they improve seating in coach.

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