Saturday, May 27, 2006

My New Facade - Architectural Concept In

After a month of waiting, the architect's concept for My Fabulous New Facade is in and I am quite pleased:

The main change I wanted, to get rid of the "triangle" look, is quite nice, pulling out various sections of the house. There is a front patio on the left along with a courtyard that ties in nicely with my Fabulous New Back Yard. The garage is pulled forward, allowing me to add space to my home office behind it, plus there is square footage added to the top floor above the garage.

The architect is going to look at some minor changes we suggested, but this is pretty much it - he nailed it on the first try, speaking volumes as his ability as an architect as well as his ability to understand his clients' tastes.

So it will be about another month before I get blueprints - an engineer has to be pulled in due to the structural changes - after which I will go to the next stages of the process that I will do in parallel: Pulling Permits and Interviewing Contractors.

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