Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Definitely Not Celebrating the 300 Million Milestone

I found this headline ironic:

300 Millionth U.S. Citizen Stirs Confusion (AP) The nation's population officially hit 300 million at 7:46 a.m. EDT today. But there weren't any wild celebrations. Why?

Easy answer: higher population density sucks. We have crowded roads, crowded stores and crowded airports. Even vacation locations are crowded with people: crowded beaches, crowded parks, crowded slopes. Even people who want to go camping these days have to "reserve" camping spots. And as the U.S. population continues to expand it is going to get worse.

People who say "there is plenty of open land in the U.S." really don't understand that all that open land is where no one wants to live. I flew over miles and miles of open desert for three hours flying from Texas to California last week, seeing all that open land that will still be empty 100 years from now. All these new people are going to live in the same areas people are already in today, which means that density is going to continue to climb until the U.S. resembles the human ant hills of present day Asia.

When people ask me where I want to retire, I usually tell them that I am looking for one of those countries that are supposedly going to be devoid of population in the next few decades. And the areas that will experience the largest population drop by 2025 will be Eastern and Southern Europe. I think I will start building my dacha now.

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