Monday, November 20, 2006

Adventures in Toiletries

As Thanksgiving travel week gets under way, I thought I would share some tips and hints from that age old traveler problem: missing toiletries. The key is to improvise. Here's what to do for:

Missing Razor - Two times I have gotten to my destinations with the BLADES, but no razor to hold them with. So I ended up holding the blade on the edges with my thumb and forefinger and running it over my face. Difficult? Yes. Impossible? Not at all. The trick is to go slow and take your time. I got as good a shave as if it were attached to a razor, just slower. And if you are in the reverse situation with a razor and no blades? In that case you're hozed and will be walking around with a 5 o'clock shadow all day.

Missing Shampoo - I just assume that every hotel in America provides shampoo. WRONG. There is at least one that doesn't, and I checked into it. So what did I do? I used the lone mini soap they did thoughtfully provide. So while my hair might have been flat and unluxurious, at least it wasn't oily.

Missing Shaving Cream - Recently I have been leaving the shaving cream home on purpose so I don't have to check it through security. In this case I usually just use soap, but prefer hair conditioner if it is provided in the room (it is slipperier than soap so gives a better shave). Even better is the "body lotion" many hotels provide - it moves the blade along the face nicely and usually has aloe and other extras high-end shaving creams have to condition the face. In fact, these body lotions are actually better than some brands of shaving creams.

Missing Comb - Probably a disaster for most women, for guys like me, I can get away with the "hand comb" and running my fingers through my hair. It makes for a bad hair day, but it isn't a total disaster.

Missing Toothbrush - The ol' toothpaste on the finger trick does it for me.

Missing Toothpaste - Not a lot to do in this case except pick up some breath mints some time during the day to get rid of the halitosis.

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