Friday, December 08, 2006

Self Declared Consumer Advocates

I found this headline rather ironic since it would make a typical lefty's head spin: Apple Slammed by Greenpeace.

Greenpeace noted that Apple is an exception and that many companies are following recommendations (Ed: Whose "recommendations") to eliminate the hazardous chemicals from their products and are adopting progressive recycling policies, such as financing the take-back, reuse or recycling end-of-life products.

My question is this: who made Greenpeace the arbiter of who is doing right and wrong in this area? There are already substances banned by governments, so called "RoHaS", or Reduction of Hazardous Substances programs. Those are monitored by various governments and we can be sure that Apple (or really it's subcontractors, since they don't make anything themselves) have dozens of people to make sure they comply.

No, these "recommendations" are Greenpeace's alone. So this is a group that makes up programs then slams entities that don't follow them. And the only reason they have any power is because the press publishes them.

This is like other busy body groups like "Center for Science in the Public Interest" which wants to dictate what sort of food everyone eats.

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