Monday, August 20, 2007

My China Air Ban Still Holds

Back in the late 90s the company I worked for banned employees from using China Air due to the large number of crashes they had that decade:
  • 04/11/1993 - Boeing 747 - China Airlines B-165 - Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • 26/04/1994 - Airbus A300 - China Airlines B-1816 - Nagoya, Japan
  • 16/02/1998 - Airbus A300 - China Airlines B-1814 - Taipei, Taiwan
  • 22/08/1999 - McDonnell Douglas MD-11 - China Airlines B-150- Hong Kong, Hong Kong
My next company didn't have the ban, but I kept a personal ban, which I judged to be valid after a big one in 2002:
  • 25/05/2002 - Boeing 747 - China Airlines B-18255 -Penghu islands, Taiwan

And two companies and five years later I still keep the ban. Twice this year I was scheduled on a China Airlines flight which I made my travel agent change. This is just common sense, which was verified today:

Taiwan jet explodes into fire in Japan - Passengers used emergency slides to evacuate a China Airlines jet just minutes before the plane burst into a fireball Monday on the tarmac. All 165 people aboard escaped unhurt, including the pilot, who jumped from the cockpit at the last second.

Something just isn't right at that airline.

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