Friday, September 21, 2007

Aplologizing to China's Reputation?

Google. Yahoo. Cisco. Now Mattel:

The world's largest toy maker, Mattel Inc, apologized on Friday for damaging China's reputation after recent massive recalls of its Chinese-made toys, admitting it targeted some goods that were actually up to scratch.

Mattel is apologizing to the country of China? For being aggressive in a recall for toys that might be dangerous to children. The story goes on:

But it's important for everyone to understand that the vast majority of those products that we recalled were the result of a design flaw in Mattel's design, not through a manufacturing flaw in Chinese manufacturers.

Uh, huh. The China subcontractors were cutting every penny they could by using lead paint, and this was "a design flaw" by Mattel.

Of course the threat to Mattel wasn't that China would not let them manufacture there. There are other low-cost manufacturing places in the world. It was the domestic China market. Oh, that huge, huge domestic China market that gets executives and marketing people in a tizzy. The Chinese threatened that they just might take it away from them, so Mattel bent over to the will of their Communist masters by doing this kabuki dance.

And another company goes down in ethical flames for the promise of a large market.

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