Monday, October 08, 2007

Banning In-Flight Cell Calls

Here is one ban I am fully in support of:

According to Telegraph Travel, Les Dorr, of the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), stated that "proposals to lift the ban on in-flight mobiles had caused such an outcry [that] they had been dropped." Furthermore, it was noted that aviation authorities had "ruled out the use of mobile phones on planes for the foreseeable future."

Thank God. It's bad enough that as soon as the wheels touch the ground, half a dozen people around me turn on their phones and start screaming into them "I'VE JUST LANDED. WHAT? NO I AM STILL ON THE PLANE. NO, THE PLANE. I'LL BE OUT IN A FEW MINUTES. CAN YOU HEAR ME? NO, I AM ON THE PLANE!"

And so on for the next 15 minutes, during which no information is actually exchanged. Can you imagine someone trying to do a real conversation while in flight with the engines at full throttle?

Air travel is bad enough as it is, and having the usual obnoxious people scream into their phones for two hours straight will make a bad experience even worse. Two thumbs up to the FAA and the hope they keep the ban for the foreseeable future.

Email on the other hand, I would be okay with.

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