Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Sales Definition of "Know"

One of mentors, when I would mention anybody, would exclaim "I know him!" After a while I just rolled my eyes when he said this. After a few more years of sales experience I figured out that "know" is thrown around quite a bit and can mean a whole range of things:

  1. I was best man at his wedding - we are like brothers.
  2. Would let me babysit his kids
  3. Invites me to his house for dinner
  4. Has accepted a dinner invitation to my house
  5. We do lunch
  6. Will return my phone calls
  7. Would recognize me in a line-up
  8. I would recognize him in a line-up
  9. I recognize the name
  10. His company sounds familiar
About the only way "know" is not used in sales is in the Biblical sense.

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