Sunday, August 03, 2008

Which Season's Don Draper?

Apparently Don Draper of "Mad Men" has put up an advice blog, answering questions from around the internet.

My question is which season's Don is writing it:

Season 1: A cocky, sure, man coming up in the world. He has a hidden past, but, hey, as long as he is making coin, no one cares. Political upcomers are squashed during the brief periods he isn't bedding or chasing someone besides his wife.

Season 2 (Opening Episode): Defanged at home, unsure in bed and starting to feel his age at 36, Don is feeling political pressure at work, but still has his creative juices flowing.

I am hoping for the return of Season 1's Don, just because that is a more interesting character.

As for the "advice blog", it has a few funny lines, but I won't be permalinking it.

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