Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm Glad I Don't Plan to Retire

I don't plan to ever "retire" - I can't see the point of not doing anything. And I already travel and see the world now on an expense account, so I'll have gotten that out of the way. I figure I'll do consulting or something similar to keep my hand in something until the very end.

Bit if I WERE planning to retire my plans would be changing now. Today I cried uncle and pulled my retirement assets out of the market. I had turned everything else to cash at 14,000 figuring that was the peak, and I'm glad I did.


And I'm not throwing good money after bad - I've turned off contributions to my 401K as well as my daughter's college fund. These are funds that allow "tax-free growth", but if there is no growth, why not just take the cash? I'll turn them back on when the market turns around, but that might be a while.

In the mean time politicians (of both stripes) are fiddling in Washington while Rome burns.

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