Sunday, December 28, 2008

If Star Trek Communiators Were Real

Kirk to bridge.

Yes Captain.

I am in danger and need to be beemed up.

I'm sorry Captain you are breaking up.

Hello? Spock. I need to be beemed up. Can you hear me?

Captain? Are you there?

I'm moving around now. Can you hear me now?


I got three bars on this damn thing. Why can't you hear me?

Can you hear me Captain? I can't hear you.

Wait. Are you on your communicator or ship line? Maybe it's at your end?

Can you call me back from a better location?

Dammit Spock I am in danger! I'm moving around. Can you hear me now? Hello? Hello? Did you catch any of that last part?





Damn I HATE dropped calls!

(H/T to my brother and sister who did a whole routine on this on Christmas Day)

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