Friday, December 05, 2008

I'm Glad I Got Mine In July

Kindles Sold Out Until February.

I reviewed mine several months ago, and I have to say it is simply a great product, especially for the heavy traveler. I go on trips with three books, a magazine and a newspaper, something that used to add considerable weight and bulk to my computer bag. I currently have two new releases from my favorite popular authors - Connelly and DeMille - downloaded, as well as some free classics from Project Gutenberg. It's like having a small book that magically has everything on it.

And a nice feature I started using recently - the larger font size - is coming in handy as my eyes start taking a wee bit more time to focus on close-in items (so I can keep increasing the font size each year to fool myself that I am too young for reading glasses).

Motley Fool speculates that the "shortage" is due to Amazon removing their inventory in preparation for the next generation version. As noted in my review there are a few items they could improve - internet browsing and music playback for example - but for basic book reading I think it is already a great product - and use an iPod and PC for those tasks, so don't see myself upgrading if this is true.

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