Monday, December 08, 2008

Surprise: Deadbeat Bums are Deadbeat Bums

Is anyone other than Congress surprised at this: Half of rescued borrowers default anyway

Let me give everyone some news:
  • Giving away money, lowering payments and other programs to bail out homeowners won't save the homeowners
  • Giving money to the U.S. car companies won't save the car companies
  • Spending hundreds of billions of dollars on "infrastructure" won't save the economy from recession

You have to let people and business fail because whatever you do they are going to fail anyway. If not now, then later after your stupid bailouts give them free money from the taxpayers. It just prolongs the inevitable.

Get the people who should not be owning a home back into an apartment. Take their friggen house away, there is no shame in renting.

Let the companies that should fail, fail. I don't remember the government bailing out my company in 2002 when it failed.

And the government is not going to prevent a recession. It can only print money and hand it out, and pile on debt, hurting the economy even worse in the long run.

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