Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Idiotic Call: No Fancy Hotels Ever

Via Gongol comes a rather infantile list of "things American business can do better". It reads like it was written by an 18-year-old parroting his Econ 101 prof.

But one comment really put me over the top:

Nobody should ever stay in a fancy hotel for business. $200+ a night? Are you stupid or what?! It's. A. Room. With cooties. No matter how nice it is.... It's a bed and a bathroom... You wouldn't burn your own money-- why would you burn company money?

Obviously not a road warrior - and someone who could never retain talented individuals if he ran a business that required people to travel.

I go on the road sometimes for 1-2 weeks a month. My hotel is where I LIVE when I am on the road. It's my home. And for being away from my real home, for putting in the long miles and hours, giving up my weekends, I deserve to be comfortable when I am at my "travel home". This is part of my "compensation" for what I do. An unlisted part of my paycheck.

This jerk thinks that skimping on hotels for his travelers will help business? This is the same sort of manager who makes people come in on the weekends for free because his people should be thankful for having a job.

Do I put up my own money for nice hotels? You bet your ass I do. I also spend my own money to have a nice home when I at not traveling.

Let's ask this guy if he is saving his own money living in a dive. I bet he isn't.

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