Monday, April 27, 2009

Intel's Ten Tech Predictions of the Next Decade? Meh.

Intel's predictions are fairly safe assumptions assuming a steady ramp of current technology or things just now coming out of the lab (and I doubt number 5):
  1. New classes of portable devices with ten times more battery life
  2. Low-cost silicon photonics for faster, more reliable data transmission
  3. New heights of realism in visual computing
  4. Realistic computer generated images
  5. Malware will become a thing of the past
  6. Personal internet devices will be truly personal
  7. Interactive computing devices make 'composable computing' a reality
  8. Next-generation TV will not be about pixels
  9. Seamlessly connected 3-D worlds
  10. A spectrum revolution is looming
To be fair, if this list is for actual consumer products (and not lab breakthroughs), the time it takes to get something from the lab to development to the production line to the retail channel is 3-4 years, so the stuff that is going to be on the shelves at Best Buy in 2013 is fairly well known.
The missing one is flexible displays. I think a break-through in that will come and be on the shelf the next decade.

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