Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Only Way It Would Be Cooler Is If It Also Made Alcoholic Beverages

On the recommendation of the Director Parents and Rorschach - and drinking coffee at both their houses recently - I got myself a Keurig B60 Single-Cup Brewing System

This is just a neat little toy, making single cups of coffee using little "K-cup" packets, which has brands and blends ranging from Tully's to Caribou. It's great for houses with single coffee drinkers, or ones with one decaf and one regular drinker since it makes just one cup at a time. There is no fuss or mess, no coffee pot to rinse afterwords, and no filter that accidentally spills grinds all over the kitchen floor.

There are literally over a hundred different brands and blends of coffee available, so everyone should be able to find one that is perfect for them. It also has packets for tea and hot chocolate, and can be a hot-water maker in a pinch.

The one problem is that there are no alcoholic beverages available for it, which is something I will need to experiment with (maybe an Irish Coffee K-cup?)

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