Friday, January 22, 2010

"Uniquitous Video"? Give Me a Break.

I was visiting the Met last week and watched several tourists walking through the museum with their camcorders slightly above their head and permanently on as they filmed their entire experience. Most of their attention was on their camera instead of directly absorbing the art and antiquities that were around them.

And, according to surveys I've seen (paid for so no link), do you know how many times the average person will sit down and watch a video they have taken from a vacation or trip? Zero. That's right, the majority of people don't even watch the vacation videos they take! The next largest is once. And hardly anyone sits down and watches a vacation video more than once (wedding videos do a little better with a few viewings).

At any rate, although people don't watch their vacation videos, they apparently like taking them. Keying in on this trend were several companies at CES promoting "ubiquitous video", or some sort of contraption that will let people videotape everything they are experiencing, relieving them of the burden of actually absorbing and remembering.

Seems to me it would be more efficient to just "watch" your experience the first time and remember it. And then use a still picture or maybe a short video to share with others or remind you of the experience.

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