Monday, April 19, 2010

You Think Man Can Control The Environment?

I know a dozen people hit by the volcano eruption, including one guy from my company. Right now it looks like jet travel will be slowly put back into place over the next week, but the affect from eruption will be felt logistically for weeks, economically for months.

It’s just another example of how little control man can put over nature. Any attempt to control it is an illusion and it’s one of the fallacies of the "global warming" crowd (besides the data being total bullshit). The fact is that there is not some ideal world temperature can be controlled by man; there is no magic thermostat than can be achieved by just controlling enough people and their daily lives.

The world will do what it is going to do. Despite there being billions of people, millions of machines and hundreds of thousands of cities, it has no affect over nature, and ultimately man has no control over the environment. Earthquakes, volcanoes, weather, it doesn't matter. The name of the game is to adapt to the environment, not to control it.

In the end the earth will disappear, swallowed up in a few billion years when the sun turns into a red giant. So the next thing you know the global warming crowd will try to force measures into place to delay or eliminate that too. It won't do anything, but it makes them feel better.

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