Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Temporary" Tax Increases Never Are

Does anyone ever believe a democrat when they ask for "temporary" tax increases?  And it's always democrats who promise they are temporary and then ask to "extend" (and extend) or just make permanent.  The three listed here were put in as "temporary" measures by the California legislature

• Extend a 0.25 percent income tax increase by two years (DM: Ha!  Just make it permanent now). The move would raise $1 billion in the next fiscal year.

• Extend the reduced dependent care credit from $309 to $99 for another two years, generating $430 million in the next fiscal year. (DM: Stick it to the parents some more, dems)

• Extend the increase in the vehicle license fee for two more years (DM: Two years is just enough time for the average voter to forget the tax increase was "temporary"), and raise it again (DM: Except for illegals in unregistered vehicles who don't carry insurance), bringing the total to 1.45 percent of a vehicle's value, generating an extra $1.2 billion in the next fiscal year.

I am sure with all these measures California will bring its fiscal house in order...

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Apex said...

And what about the temporary increase in the sales tax in Arizona that the voters voted for. Why do people vote for tax increases? I never really thought about it but once it comes time for it to expire and people are used to it, it will be pretty easy to just keep it going. They passed it with all the threats to necessary cuts in schools, police, etc. Well presumably they can extend it with the same threats.

No one proposes significant cuts. Do we have to get to the point of Greece before we actually spend less. That was a rhetorical question.