Saturday, September 11, 2010

They Change the Flight Numbers of Planes that Crash

Over at Wizbang, one of the writers realizes that he was today, on 9-11, on the exact same plane route at the exact same time as one of the doomed flights of  9-11-01.

He didn't realize this until well after booking his flight.  But it was easy to forget since there will never again be an American Flight 77, or American Flight 11, or a United Flight 93, or a United Flight 175.  Airlines "retire" the flight numbers of doomed flights, hoping to erase the memory from their customers' collective conscious.

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Anonymous said...

similarly, many hotels don't have a "13th" floor...
If I were any of the airline companies, I'd also change the take-off time by even a few minutes to get further away from the exact memories of these tragic acts of terrorism.