Thursday, July 15, 2004

Cinematic Guilty Pleasures

While watching Independence Day this month (it now runs every year on, well, July 4), Mrs. Director referred to it as a guilty pleasure. Normally a guilty pleasure is something bad for you that you enjoy doing anyway, like eating lots of chocolate, maybe smoking. For a cinematic guilty pleasure, it means a movie that deep down inside you know is bad, but you enjoy watching anyway. I thought I would list a few movies that fall under that category (for me, anyway) and why:
Independence Day - Like the wife, I somehow like this stupid, sappy, hackneyed story of an alien invasion. I think it has to do with the strange combo of Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum, which works in this movie.

The Quick and The Dead - Gene Hackman is obviously relishing his over-the-top performance, which takes it from a bad western to an enjoyable experience.

Clueless - A teen movie? A chick flick? Normally this sort of movie would drive me into the next room, but I always end up enjoying the movie's humor and sweetness. Plus watching Alicia Silverstone in designer mini-skirts for 90 minutes is never a bad thing.

Blast from the Past - Yes, another Alicia Silverstone movie, so that's one plus. It has a stupid, unbelievable plot line, but somehow the movie manages to pull it off because of Brandon Fraser. I especially enjoy the dance scene. If you've never seen it, it's on TBS every other week or so.

Armageddon - Predictable plot line and lots of bad acting, but this one just makes the list. I think what does it is the ensemble team that is going on the drill - Rockhound, Dunkan and those guys - and the various things they go through before, during, and after the event.

Deep Blue Sea - Mutant sharks versus Samuel L. Jackson. What more do I need to say?

Star Trek: Nemesis - Maybe not so much a guilty pleasure as just going against the tide on this one. It got bad reviews, poor word of mouth, and it flopped at the box office. I rented it expecting not to like it, but finished it thinking "I sort of liked it". I thought of it more as a long episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation rather than a movie, so my standards might have been lower.
Those are just off the top of my head, and if I sat down and thought about it I could probably add half dozen more, but have other things to do. Does anyone have any they would like to add?

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