Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Fortune 50 Companies Acting Like Impatient Children

My blogging pace has been off recently since my work load has increased dramatically. As a result of my trip to NY last week, I have a new customer. The bad news is that this multi-multi-multi billion dollar corporation acts like a whiny kid and wants almost hourly updates on their program.

This is in addition to another multi-national conglomerate who calls me almost hourly wondering if the schedule for their product has changed in the last 60 minutes. Add these two whiny children together ("Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Now, are we there?") and you can see why my blogging has suffered lately.

And the weekend, vacation days, and evenings are not an escape. I have gotten phone calls on all of these occasions, having to listen to guys (they're always guys) at the other end of the line wondering if they were there yet.

I am not complaining - these guys have the potential to drive lots and lots of business and it certainly beats the alternative of having no customers. I just forgot how needy giant corporations can be. And it requires a great amount of patience since you can't yell back at them - you have to patiently explain that the schedule hasn't changed in the last 60 minutes and invite them to call you again if they have any concerns.

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