Friday, October 22, 2004

Potential Company Themes for Next Year

My company's internal email system automatically puts in a little yearly, rhyming theme onto the heading of our email next to our name. This year, the theme was "Together we Soar in 2004", last year was "Customer was Key in 2003".

As we get towards the end of this year, it looks like it is time to pick a new one for next year:
It's time to submit your entries for (My Company's) 2005 slogan. The slogan becomes part of our e-mail heading and is published internally throughout (My Company). The purpose of the slogan is to exemplify a theme by which the organization will govern itself in the year.
Based on how the tech segment is currently doing, my candidates are:
1. Staying Alive in 2005
2. Let's Try Not to Die in 2005
3. If We Don't Fix, We Won't Make it to 2006

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