Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Always Travel with the CEO

My main client is sending me to Asia this week, so posting will be sporadic for the next 9-10 days as I head across the Pacific. I'll post when I get to these exotic places, so you'll know where I end up.

My client's policy is that all employees - and consultants whom they buy plane tickets for - must travel coach. However, this policy doesn't apply to the CEO, who gets to travel business class. Since I am going with the CEO on this trip, and since I convinced his admin that it is important that we discuss weighty issues during the 10+ hours in the air, I managed to get approval to travel business class with the CEO.

It's like the old saying: You don't need to be rich, you just need to have rich friends. In this case it is just changed slightly: You don't need to be the CEO, you just need to hang out with him.

In addition to my business class seat with almost full recline, I will also have my new iPod Nano with the Pacific-busting 14 hour battery life and my Bose noise cancellation headphones (Mrs. Director is good to me - for some reason I can't fathom). So my trip will at least be comfortable.

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