Monday, October 31, 2005

A Flawed Test

Business Pundit points to a Marketing IQ Test. Being a marketing guy, I took it. The problem with the test is that the "IQ" is based on a single book - by the author of the test. And if you don't agree with the book, you'll score low on the test.

For example: True or False? Line extensions are a very risky way to introduce new products.

I said false. They are probably the lowest risk method of introducing new products. Here is how they scored my response (emphasis mine).

You said false. The answer is true. Line extensions are risky for several reasons, but particularly because they tend to cannibalize the present product. (Chap. 7)

Hey, dude, you are SUPPOSED to cannibalize your own products. If you don't your competition will do it for you.

So if you are interested, take the test, but keep in mind it is just a barometer of how much your opinions match the author's and nothing more. There isn't much intelligence in the test at all.

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