Monday, November 07, 2005

The Joys of Work

Wow, after doing consulting for half a year, I forgot about the joys of a full-time job:
  • Emails - I got maybe 10 emails a day as a consultant. Today, my third day on the job, I probably had 50, and I am not even fully integrated into the company yet. I wrote no fewer than two dozen outgoing ones today, versus the handful of business ones I used to do a day. And it will probably go up from there.

  • Turf Battles - Some people just have a hard time letting go. The guy who sort of was involved with my customer base before I came on board doesn't want to let go and will be hard to shake lose. It doesn't help that the organizational structure is still "in flux".

  • Everyone Wants to be in Sales - I have nearly half a dozen requests from people to "go to the next customer meeting". These include engineers, program managers, and people who I think have no real job function.

But...I enjoy the job anyway.

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