Sunday, September 10, 2006

I Need Power

No, not the figurative kind. I mean literal. Due to a miscommunication with the airport shuttle, I had to literally run out of my house to make sure I caught my flight. And in the rush out the door I forgot to pack my laptop power cord.

So here I am Asia with about five hours of battery life. I am hoping one of my colleagues who is joining me has an IBM so I can borrow his cord. I can use the hotel business lounge computer, but it means that when I am working in my room, I will be

UPDATE: I have a one-day reprieve since a compatriot whose schedule overlaps mine for one day carries an IBM. And since all IBMs use the same power supply (unlike Dell and HP which have separate power cords for seemingly every model), I could juice up for a day.

Another Update: I picked up a power supply in Seoul's Gimpo Airport of all places - and at a fraction of the cost of what it would have cost me at Fry's in the U.S.

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