Saturday, September 16, 2006

This is How Power Brokers Spend Their Weekends

And every Saturday we work in the yard
Pick up the dog doo, Hope that it's hard

Take out the garbage and clean out the garage
My friend's got a Chrysler I've got a Dodge

We're just ordinary average guys

- Lou Walsh, "Ordinary Average Guys"

Something's wrong here:

Tuesday - Donned new, custom tailored power suit. Met with one of the largest Chaebols in Korea. CTO of one of the divisions says he is interested in my products, wants follow-up meetings in both the U.S. and Korea. This could be a multi-product, multi-million dollar deal. I direct my local man on the ground to figure out the internal politics so we make our way to the key decision maker.

Thursday - Meeting with one of the largest conglomerates in Japan. Discussion with my internal advocate goes very well, and we agree to an executive level meeting with his management and my CEO. I start working on setting up this meeting, which will allow me to both penetrate higher into this huge Japanese company as well as hob-nob with my own CEO.

Thursday Evening - Night on the town in old Kyoto, seeing quaint, 200 year old bars and eating outstanding sushi. Don't know what the evening cost, but it was well into the four figures by the time we stumbled back to the hotel by 1am.

Friday - Meeting in Tokyo with a mid-size Japanese company that has a long-standing relationship with my company. We go out afterwards, and after a fantastic dinner we hit a hostess club where we all sang karioke and flirted with pretty young girls until 1am.

Saturday - Dug a hole in my yard to find a sprinkler leak. Waited in line at hardware store to buy 40 cent plastic pipe. Fertilized yard and trimmed hedges. Tucked my daughter into bed and went to sleep by 9pm.

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