Monday, November 27, 2006

Not The Test Result I Expected

Phsycology Today has a few "free" self-tests that gives you high level results, but then charges you for the in-depth analysis. I decided to take the free "values test" and got an answer I didn't expect:

Your top value: Political
: Seeks power over own life and/or over the lives of others. Appreciates success, and wants to be recognized for achievement. Highly competitive and strategic.
Your score = 67

You appear to display some aspects of political values. The following is a list of the traits you seem to share with other individuals with these values:

  • You strive to reach the top of career ladder, achieve power, and success
  • You are defined by your work
  • You respect competitive, fast paced professions
  • You wish to be respected/admired by your colleagues, friends and family
  • You strive to live a high status/upscale lifestyle
  • You highly value success and power, both in yourself and in others
  • You are constantly networking and participating in events to improve status
  • You are constantly thinking of/distracted by work
  • You are social, but almost always have a competitive edge

My problem is that this is like a horoscope - most of those bullets are broad enough to apply to most people in many cases. I will agree, however, that I want power over my OWN life, but I really don't have any taste for having it over others'.

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