Monday, December 04, 2006

Blogging Pointers

A fellow blogger sent me an email complaining about writers block and wanted some advice on keeping the blog entries going. Here is what I wrote:

As for writer's block - it's sort of like trying to remember something: it comes to you when NOT thinking about it. By stressing over what to write, you are creating the very block you are struggling with. My recommendation is to relax and not worry about it - and something just might come to you. Other hints:

  • Read other blogs and comment on something someone else wrote. These can be short posts like "This is an interesting article", but you might find that a comment agreeing or disagreeing on a topic can turn into a whole blog entry.

  • Expand Your Reach - You may have to branch your blog to other topics - which is what I have done to my blog, which has become just a general topic blog.

  • What's On Your Mind - To be quite honest, my blog is a form of "therapy". I blog on things that are on my mind.

Of course I left out one method I use whenever possible: turning reader email into an blog entry

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