Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Starbucks' Food Already Sucks

I found this news release interesting on a couple of fronts: Starbucks cutting transfats from food.

First, their food already sucks. Their muffins are tasteless, their cakes are crumbly, and their danishes are stale. I stopped eating their fare a long time ago. Taking out the transfat will only make their bad food worse.

But this sort of thing is ridiculous for another reason: the fat that is already in many of their drinks (grande latte has 14 grams) and the calories of their blended drinks (up to 420 calories - the same as a McDonalds Quarter Pounder). Not to mention the heavy cream that people seem to add to their coffee by the pint. If Starbucks really wanted to help American health, they do more than cutting "evil" transfats.

In the end, this whole ban bandwagon is just ridiculous. It is not going to make Americans healthier - it will only make consumers feel better that they stuffing their face with "good" fat. And that is what companies like Starbucks really want.

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