Sunday, March 18, 2007

Setting a New Fashion Trend

Due to a "packing accident", I arrived in Asia with a blue Glen Plaid suit coat and navy blue slacks. So I have a non-matching suit.

And there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. I would be leaving about the time one of the matching pieces got sent from the States. And The Men's Wearhouse doesn't have branches in Seoul. So I have no choice but to wear the ensemble.

To tell you the truth it doesn't look that bad. It basically looks like I matched a sports coat to some blue slacks. In Korea I fit right in since this country is a fashion disaster. The colors and materials the men wear over here is just off. Milan this is not.

Japan will be different, though. The navy blue uniform blue suit is standard business dress, although as an American I am given some leeway on what I can wear and be acceptable in a business setting.

In the end I have to treat this like I would if I were to wake up with a giant zit on my nose. I have to go out and face the world like nothing is amiss and everything is perfectly normal.

Update: After two days of meetings, I actually found time to swing by the mall next to my hotel and picked up a sports coat that actually matches my slacks for a very reasonable price. They even did some small tailoring to it in less than an hour. So I will be set for Japan AND my CEO, who is showing up for the back part of the trip.

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