Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Sinking Galieo Program

Interesting article on the Galileo Program, found courtesy of Pajamas Media.

I had doubts about this since it was announced. My first thought: why would they put up the same sort of system that is offered by the U.S.? That question sort of answers itself, doesn' it? Because it isn't about military capability since Europe doesn't field any sort of real military. It wasn't for business reasons since they want to charge for signals that the U.S. puts out for free. Not, this was about pride, about setting up the same sort of systems the Americans put up to prove they could keep up.

Except that they couldn't. The sheer bureaucratic weight of the EU system crushed the schedule, and internal squabbling about jobs will delay it any further. The article hints that the program will be cancelled, but my guess is that this is seen as a "jobs program" and the EU will keep shoveling tons of money down this black hole.

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