Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Should the Government Allow a Censor Access to Spectrum?

Internet users in China can't Google about killings in Tibet since Google blocks access to anything their Chinese masters deem improper.

In the upper left hand corner of this blog you can "flag this blog as objectionable" and Google, if it deems me un-PC, will ban my blog.

Google has a well established track record of banning conservative blogs from its news search engine and rejects ads it deems "improper" (like ads for arms, which happen to be in the Constitution, like free speech. So if your name is Remington, you can't use Google to promote your business).

There is nothing in the Constitution preventing a corporation from banning speech or refusing service to certain customers, but there are provisions against the government from doing it. So having Google ask the government to open up spectrum for them is a bit ridiculous. If they want spectrum, then the U.S. government should require Google respect free speech and equal protection.

(Yes, this blog is on Google, but Blogger wasn't owned by Google when I started. With about 1500 posts I don't have the time or energy to change it.)

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