Friday, August 07, 2009

I Don't Collect Kindles - Just Looks That Way

After one year and one day - literally - my Kindle went out. The screen was was fried with horizontal lines. I called Amazon ready to raise hell, but they happily offered to ship me a new one at no charge, even though the warranty had expired 24 hours before.

So I get my new one, and it was DOA. WTF?

So I call Amazon ready to raise hell again, and they offered to send me ANOTHER one. Third time was a charm. I just have to make when I ship the two broken ones back that the working one doesn't accidentally get in there.

So overall, although I had issues, Amazon customer support really came through. Two thumbs up. My only complaint was that I was hoping they would ship me a replacement Kindle 2 instead - I didn't realize they were still selling the original. My guess is that they are working off stock and will obsolete it eventually.

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