Tuesday, September 15, 2009

America’s Götterdämmerung

“Is it better to be living in a civilization’s ascendency or its descent?”

For you non-classical music fans out there, “Götterdämmerung” translates to Twilight of the Gods, Wagner’s famous opera. And I believe, and have felt it now for a while, that I am living in my civilization’s descent.

I look around me and see the signs all around, and I think most Americans realize it, even if it’s on a subconscious level. Something started going terribly wrong about forty years ago and took root, and the rot is now showing. Schools, universities, all our institutions exist to serve themselves and not the citizens that come to use them. We elected a man-child with no experience as executive, send corrupt politicians to congress for generations and send unqualified judges to the Supreme Court. The document that defines our nation is under constant attack with “rights” that aren’t mentioned added daily, and the rights that are written in steadily being taken away.

Perhaps these signs are just a reflection of the decay of the people who make up this country – Americans stuff their faces, are unable to save, run up debts they can’t pay for, and walk away blaming someone else for their ills. They now look to a mommy-government to right the wrongs of their own bad decisions, to take their responsibilities away and give them free support for all their needs.

If you think I am being harsh remember that I travel extensively and I see the difference overseas in Asia - the hard work, determination, drive to succeed, and the belief that a country must go out – like a person – and make its place in the world. While America hobbles itself with over-the-line environmental regulations, drilling bans and anti-business policies, countries like China are aggressively taking over natural resources through strategic acquisitions, partnerships and political ties to insure they have a sure and steady supply of things that make a country go.

I don’t so see other countries catching up so much as the U.S. committing cultural suicide.

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