Sunday, September 13, 2009

Instruments of War SHOULD be on Currency

As I have written before, I used to be something of a currency collector. I am not into it much any more, but there was one item I never got that I always wanted - the 1918 $2 "battleship" Federal Reserve Bank Note. It's been a serious hole in my collection and I finally broke down and got one.

Imagine something like this going on currency today:

Today our currencies get politically correct historical footnotes like Sasquatch, or whatever her name is.
Obsolete currency has actually proven to be a good investment over the last decade. The above note has doubled in price over the last five years in nearly all grades. They are sort of like small works of art, and collectors can go with lower grades (the condition of the note) if they have a small budget. The note above is actually considered in pretty good shape.
I think as inflation hits the economy these old dollar bills will be worth a hell of a lot more than the new dollar bills in your pocket.

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